15 Years of Animated Product Presentations

PRLog – Tuesday, November 29, 2009

Computer 3D animated product presentations have been a specialty at Mike Efford Motion Design for 15 years as of November 2009. This computer animation firm has developed product animations for some of North America’s most successful direct marketing agencies, including Guthy Renker, Thane Marketing, Kingstar Direct, Monte Brooks Productions, Nothern Lights DRTV and more.

Product animation has come a long way in 15 years. By way of example, here are three techniques some of the top direct response advertisers are now using to successfully market consumer products through broadcast TV:

1. The Quick Visual Summary:

No other medium can match 3D animation to show a quick visual summary of even the most complex product idea. It is the visual equivalent of a "sound bite". Ideal for packing the most information into the shortest T.V. air time. Infomercials are a perfect example.

3D animation successfully marketed the H2O vacuum through infomercials across North America demonstrating how dirt, hair and even airborne bacteria are filtered and neutralized by this innovative appliance. The product’s elaborate filtering process was visually demonstrated in under 15 seconds. Sales were robust, and it continues to sell almost 5 years later, as of this writing.

2. Showing a product’s inner workings:

Showing a 3D animated presentation that takes the audience right inside the product, as if  they were flying through it, can enhance the perceived value of a deceptively simple - looking product. With many products, the real magic is inside; a sleek but simple exterior hides the inner workings which produce most of the benefits for the customer.

There are no limits to what 3D animation can show nowadays: flying right through a steel casing, zooming quickly down to a microscopic view of tiny molecules, all the while showing the exterior full size product in operation, making part of the outer “shell” of a product transparent so the audience can watch the magic happen inside.

3. Emphasizing style and glamour:

The cosmetics and auto industries are some of the most experienced practitioners of marketing with computer animation. They use it to create an aura of mystery and excitement (in the case of auto makers) or glamour and chic (cosmetics). In the TV advertising of auto makers, 3D computer models take the place of actual cars much more often than the public knows. Combined with slick video editing and photography, animation can be used to enhance the appearance of any product design.

When much of the appeal of a product is its sleek appearance, 3D animation adds major value to the manufacturer’s broadcast marketing. Its movement and lighting can be totally controlled. Effects are possible with lighting, for example, that real – world lights could not possibly accomplish. Spotlights highlight design features, sweep across the length of it, glow and sparkle.

Jaguar used animation to showcase the inner workings of their V-12 engine, in a prominent television ad. The hood ornament morphed from a chrome cat into a floating engine, with all its cogs, gears and moving parts. The "fantasy" appeal of the ad made it impossible to ignore. The branding was spectacular. All done with 3D animation.

It seems anything is possible with this medium.

Today, with 3D animation technology, there are more compelling reasons than ever for using computer animation in television productions to present a product in its best light.

Companies looking to take their product marketing to the next level can call upon 15 years of 3D animation experience by contacting Mike Efford Motion Design.



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