29 Ways Computer Animation can
Help Demonstrate Your Product or Engineered System

by Mike Efford

3D animation is a far more versatile sales presentation medium than you may think.

Most marketing managers don't realize the full potential of computer animation to help demonstrate their products or engineered systems in sales presentations. This is largely because they lack familiarity with the medium, as opposed to, for example, Powerpoint presentations and hand - outs. It is also because they have not thought through what exactly it is about their products or systems that they would like to demonstrate or showcase.

Scan this list of 29 ways to demonstrate your products or engineering using computer animation and imagine the possibilities for your company:

1. Justify a premium price

2. Demonstrate how a complex group of components works

3. Show a product's inner workings

4. Enhance the perceived value of a deceptively simple - looking product

5. Show the importance of a very small part in a large, complex system

6. Show a wide a range of a company's products within an assembly

7. Demonstrate how liquid flows through a system

8. Take a client on a tour of a project that has not yet been built

9. Show how massive an engineering project or system is

10. Show each stage of a planned development, in sequence

11. Zoom into a microscopic detail of a component or product

12. Show several consecutive operations of a linear system or assembly line

13. Take a client on an exciting, "theme - park" like ride through a linear system

14. Diagram how a very complex group of systems work together

15. Show how a complex assembly of articulated mechanical parts operates

16. Depict how an engineered structure will interface in an environmentally friendly way with the earth

17. Demonstrate how a hypothetical disaster scene will play out unless prevented through an engineered solution

18. Give a visually boring system or part an exciting, stylized graphic look and feel

19. Show how a consumer or medical product interacts with human tissue

20. Depict a mundane consumer product as graceful and magical

21. Show how your product or service spans a large geographical distance

22. Explain and dramatize almost any kind of data

23. Create a high energy, "cutting - edge technology" impression

24. Dramatize the blazing speed of an electronic component's processing power

25. Excite the imagination through a physically impossible fantasy scene built around your product

26. Emphasize the sleek external appearance of a well designed, attractive product

27. Give a soft, feminine feel to an otherwise clinical looking product

28. Emphasize the relationship between a brand's product and logo

29. Simultaneously show the exterior of an object as the eye sees it and at the same time show a greatly magnified portion of it

Smart companies are using 3D computer animation in boardroom presentations to land major contracts in highly competitive markets. If one or more concepts above resonate with you, contact an animation studio today and use this powerful marketing tool to your own strategic advantage.


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