6 New Animation Demos from Toronto
Animation Studio

PR Log January 13, 2011

Toronto animation studio Mike Efford Motion Design has created graphic animations for a huge range of companies since 1994. In the first of a series of major updates to the site, 6 new motion graphics animations are now live, soon to be followed by more.

Creative concepts range from magical water rings that morph into a logo, to speeding racing cars transforming into a television sports series title, to bold and dynamic animated graphics for events and corporate videos.

"it's both a challenge and a delight to work with inspired ideas from the long list of talented producers and directors I have worked with" says animator Mike Efford. "But beyond the creative, sometimes the real challenge is to find the time to periodically select my best work and put it in front of the public. It's been an extaordinary year..."

Motion graphics animation is the art of animating words and symbols into dynamic sequences to inject power and impact into them through the motion of animation.

Mike Efford Motion Design's approach is to combine 2D and 3D elements into a wider range of expression. "Video editors typically use 2D graphic software built into their editing suites to manage titling and graphics, but my approach brings more versatility by combining 3D animation with cutting edge 2D software plug-ins. That's what these 6 new samples of recent animation projects all showcase."

View the new animation updates and much more at:

Over a 16 year career in computer animation, Mike Efford has developed a versatile body of animation work. Now, significant updates are live and many more in the works, showing samples of projects from a diverse client list of companies.

Banks, auto manufacturers, drug companies, sports broadcasters, engineering firms, and technology firms are the kinds of businesses that have called upon this studio to create motion graphics magic.

Mike Efford Motion Design looks forward to new collaborations with creative video and television producers in 2011.


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