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of architectural animation:

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3-D animation presents architecture in a dynamic yet accessible way. Virtual reality will likely always require some sort of headset or special gear, but 3-D animation immerses the viewer in a rich, satisfying simulation that is accessible to many. And effective!

That is why my clients have used it to successfully market a variety of projects from condos to hospital wings to shopping malls. They have found it favorably influences the perceptions of both residential buyers and corporate / municipal committees, when itís time to write a big cheque.

Here is how 3D animation can work for your company, whether you are a real estate developer, architect, or engineering firm:

  • justify high end pricing by means of a virtual walkthrough illustrating the quality of materials and design

  • raise financing for a project that has not yet been fully designed, let alone built

  • show how a civil engineering project will function when built

  • show each phase of a development, in sequence

  • show how a large engineering project will not in fact have any damaging impact on the environment

  • demonstrate the highest and best use of a parcel of undeveloped land

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