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Title animations, flying logos, animated maps, photo montages and many other variations of motion graphics are essential to electronic communications today. For my clients I combine design, motion and marketing to create powerful messages that spark the imagination and resonate afterward.

My approach to motion graphics is to do more than just move some type or a symbol from point A to B and add lights. I work with clients to create a meaningful concept. One that expresses the idea behind the symbol or title. Then, only when the idea makes sense from a marketing point of view, I add all the visual dynamics and special effects.

Just a few of the many ways your company can profit from using animated graphics in your marketing communications strategy:

  • build brand equity by adding a resonating impact and power to a corporate symbol or brand logo

  • increase memory retention of key concepts in a corporate Powerpoint or Flash presentation

  • highlight locations on a map more effectively and dynamically demonstrate the extent of a company's global prescence

  • explain and dramatize the meaning of almost any kind of data

  • build visual associations with a brand or product by means of a photo montage


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