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Mike Efford Motion Design is one of Toronto's pre-eminent
technical animation studios.

"Technical animation" covers quite a lot of ground: from product animations for television commercials to animated boardroom presentations for industrial systems and more...

3D animation is changing the way consumer products are marketed, especially online. No other medium can provide a clearer understanding of how a consumer product functions than animation.

It's a "visual sound-bite". Perfect for providing the most information in the shortest possible air time. And with modern product designs taking on sleeker and more streamlined form every day, it's the ideal opportunity to emphasize that sleek exterior with 3D animation, where lighting techniques and pure imagination can make a product dazzle audiences.

With the penetration and reach of online video sites like YouTube, animation becomes a more powerful component of an online video than ever. It can work a lot of magic in a lot of places online.


"Marketing Your Product
With 3D Animation"


  • help justify high - end pricing for a complex engineered system

  • show how a wide a range of a company’s products work within an assembly

  • take a client on a virtual tour of a project that has not yet been built

  • show each stage of an industrial development, in sequence

  • explain and dramatize the meaning of almost any kind of data

  • create a high energy, “cutting - edge technology” impression

  • enhance the perceived value of a deceptively simple looking product

  • demonstrate several consecutive operations of a linear system or assembly line

  • If you're a product developer you need to look into the medium of 3D animation to market your product ideas. Toronto animation studio Mike Efford Motion Design has been animating products, both industrial and consumer, since 1994.

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