Toronto Animation Studio to Animate Olympic Stadium Screens

PRLog – Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mike Efford Motion Design, a Toronto animation studio, will develop motion graphics for the 2010 Olympics, collaborating with London Ontario producer Keyframe Communications. The production will be shown outside the Olympic Stadium on large flat panel TV screens.

Creative concepts for the 3D animations will be drawn from design themes established for the 2010 Olympics over the past 2 years, and brought to life by producer Bryan Peel at Keyframe. Dynamic motion graphics will energize and integrate into live footage from the games, informational content and ads. The animations will be seen by most of the 2.3 million attendees at the games.

“We’re the warm – up act at the games” says animator Mike Efford. “Even if it’s sub-zero outside, we hope to warm up the gathering crowds with some hot graphics”.

Mike Efford Motion Design continues to create sports animations for broadcast television productions shown across North America, Australia and Europe. Recent computer animation projects have included show openers and bumpers for Ski Television, a Canadian sports media company, and logo animations for the Poker Ashes 2009 tournament in Sydney Australia.

In November the studio celebrated its 15th year of business in the Toronto animation scene.


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