3D Animation Studio Celebrates 15 Years
of Success

PRLog – Friday, November 27, 2009

Mike Efford Motion Design celebrates 15 years of creating 3D animation for some of the country’s most successful marketing campaigns. This animation studio has created 3D magic for marketers since 1994, and now predicts vigorous growth in the utilization of computer animation to bring advertiser’s visions to life.

The studio opened in November 1994. Mike Efford, a 19 year veteran of Toronto’s advertising and graphic design industry, felt that in the future, 3D animated graphics would become a key marketing medium for everyone from retailers to manufacturers to health organizations and more.

His instincts have proved correct, and his studio is now one of the most long-established practitioners of computer animation in Canada.

His animation studio has developed product animations for some of North America’s most successful direct marketing agencies, including Guthy Renker, Thane Marketing, Kingstar Direct, Monte Brooks Productions, Nothern Lights DRTV and more.

“Going forward, the future holds no limits for the medium of 3D animation to capture the imagination of consumers” he says.

No other medium can match 3D animation to show a quick visual summary of even the most complex product idea. It's the visual equivalent of a "sound bite". Perfect for packing the most information into the shortest T.V. air time…

For example, 3D animation successfully marketed the H2O vacuum through infomercials across North America demonstrating how dirt, hair and even airborne bacteria are filtered and neutralized by this innovative appliance. The product’s elaborate filtering process was visually demonstrated in under 15 seconds. Sales were robust, and it continues to sell almost 5 years later, as of this writing.

“People see the animation and they “get it.” Quickly! Clarity sells.”

And animation is the clear choice of medium for any agency that needs to demonstrate on TV how a product works in mere seconds. With broadcast budgets under pressure, 3D animation is the way forward.

With a 15 year track record, Mike Efford Motion Design is well positioned to provide animation magic to any product launch.


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